Publié le September 22, 2021

Participation of SCR to the 27th conference fair 3th meeting in Sharm Sheikh, Egypt

Société Centrale de Réassurance (SCR) participated in the 27th Conference of the Federation of Afro-Asian Insurance and Reinsurance (FAIR) which took place in Sharm Sheikh from September 19 to 22, 2021 under the theme “New Trends in Insurance and Reinsurance: Opportunities Post Covid-19”.

Since its creation in 1989, SCR has played a major role in the Aviation Reinsurance Sector by managing and steering the activities of the FAIR Aviation Pool.

This event of international scope brought together professionals from the Insurance, Reinsurance and Finance industries from Asia, Europe and Africa and was animated by renowned experts.

Mr. Youssef Fassi Fihri, CEO of SCR and Chairman of the Board of Directors of FAIR, along with a SCR delegation took part in this event and moderated a panel on the following topic : Insurtech and digitization as drivers of the future of the insurance sector

After two years of his mandate as Chairman of the FAIR Board of Directors, Mr. Fassi Fihri passed the torch to Mr. EL Alaa ZOHEIRY, President of the Insurance Federation of Egypt.

About FAIR

Established in 1964, FAIR’s main mission is to encourage cooperation between insurance and reinsurance companies in Africa and Asia, through regular exchange of information and expertise and the development of business relationships.

FAIR is composed of ordinary and associate members

The Federation’s conferences are held every two years in Africa or Asia, as decided by the General Assembly, which is the supreme authority of FAIR.

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