Publié le July 3, 2020

Société centrale de réassurance new logo, new corporate identity

Société Centrale de Réassurance (SCR) is unveiling a new logo and a new corporate identity, illustrating a broad, strategic transformation, which marks an important step in its History.

Building upon its 60 Years’ experience, through this new corporate identity, SCR is emphasising the growing power of the image it has forged over the years.

This corporate identity has given prominence to the 3 letters, S-C-R, while also drawing inspiration from the shape and colours of its parent company’s logo, Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (CDG) :

1.The colours are the same as the CDG Group’s illustrating SCR’s affiliation:

  • Grey echoes the Group’s basic principles, solidity and reliability.·        
  • Green reflects the environmentally-friendly position of the Group and of SCR. This shades, reminiscent of Morocco star flag, and announces its civic commitment engagement and dedication in line with the socio-economic issues in Morocco.

2.About the Design :

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