Human Resources Policy

SCR is engaged in a strategic shift. The new business guidelines have had an impact at different levels: the corporate strategy, the organization, the processes and management system.

Aware that its success depends above all on the quality of its teams and that its teams’ expertise constitutes its greatest source of wealth, SCR has a Human Resources policy hinged on 6 pillars: 

SCR anticipates its needs in terms of Human Resources in order to achieve its strategic directions through succession planning, HR budgets, recruitments, departures, training, internal mobility, developments in business segments…

SCR allocates the necessary resources to attract and retain the best profiles and talents, by providing them with a stimulating, coaching environment, and especially by welcoming them, from the recruitment stage all the way to the total integration.

The welcome determines the quality of the taking up of the position, and ensures the necessary optimal conditions for the fulfillment of new hires.

SCR is committed to ensuring an optimal performance level to its partners. To do so, it makes sure to develop the skills of its employees, namely through training throughout their professional background.

Internal mobility is truly part of this voluntary approach upheld by the company. Hence, SCR opens up career prospects within the various structures to all its employees and makes it corporate performance criteria by supporting them in taking up their positions whilst preparing their promotion, or even their professional reconversion.

SCR acknowledges the talent and potential of its employees and proposes to them, in exchange for their contribution, a show of appreciation through the following elements:

  • A compensation system
  • Social benefits

In addition to the compensation, several social benefits are provided by SCR to all the employees (conventions, health coverage at favorable conditions for the employees, various loans at favorable rates to facilitate home ownership…

Discussion and communication between the SCR employees are fostered through schemes set up by the Human Capital Department, namely through releases, the newsletter, and the HR portal.

For SCR, ethics and respect are one of the major pillars of its HR policy, such that it offers a calm work environment, respectful of all the employees