Target markets

The reinsurance industry is fundamentally about diversification. Achieving a good geographical spread is therefore one of our key missions.

We have solid roots in Africa, and are more than ever committed to developing and improving the quality of our products and services, as well as maintaining and expanding our business footprint in the Middle East and Asia.

Development of the Asian continent

SCR’s vocation is to expand its underwriting internationally. So it’s only natural that Société Centrale de Réassurance should pursue its international development, anchoring its position in Asia.

SCR aims to strengthen its position in Asia

Asserts the image of a regional reinsurer with strong capacities and technical expertise.

SCR has recently been registered with the Azeri regulator, the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan (BCAR), as a reinsurer authorized to underwrite reinsurance risks in the zone.

Expansion of activities in the Middle East

The reinsurance business is first and foremost a diversification business, and in line with its mission and vision, SCR is more than committed to :

Further expand and develop our business activities in the Middle East, which is one of the three most important markets for SCR, with strong potential and willingness to grow.

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