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Société Centrale de Réassurance is a major force in the industry, offering advanced expertise, innovative solutions and local service to more than 500 customers in over 70 countries.

Thanks to its strategic expansion and commitment to local market development, SCR is positioned as a trusted partner, supporting economic growth and financial stability in the countries where it operates.

Key Figures

*2022 (MILLIONS)

A foothold in Africa
Regional reinsurer creating synergies

SCR is following an ambitious international development strategy by strengthening its presence in the African markets with the opening of representative offices, notably in :

And recently with the opening of its new representative office in Johannesburg in South Africa



Mission of general interest

Société Centrale de Réassurance (SCR) is a major reinsurer in its local market, playing an essential role in the fulfillment of public-interest missions. In particular, SCR holds an important position in the management of catastrophic risks. It currently reinsures 90% of the catastrophic risk regime.


Target markets

The reinsurance industry is fundamentally about diversification. Achieving a good geographical spread is therefore one of our key missions.

We have solid roots in Africa, and are more than ever committed to developing and improving the quality of our products and services, as well as maintaining and expanding our business footprint in the Middle East and Asia.



Société Centrale de Réassurance (SCR) specializes in reinsurance, offering reinsurance solutions for life and non-life insurance companies. In its role as reinsurer, SCR works in partnership with insurance companies to enable them to manage the risks they underwrite.


In order to meet the requirements of the insurance and reinsurance market, SCR Academy Re, launched in 2017 by SCR, provides national and regional partners with technical expertise training in the different insurance branches, as well as in the fields of pricing, actuarial and prevention. It consists of various programs available to local and African partners, positioning SCR as a technical reference reinsurer at the continental level.